Data Governance & Strategy

Data is a company’s lifeblood and forward-thinking companies have started to treat their data as an asset.  Like your products, your data needs to be inventoried, documented, and tracked in order for it to be timely, accurate, useful, and reliable. This starts as a data strategy that is implemented with data governance

Data Analytics Platform Implementation

Since a company’s data sets are generally in several systems, a data analytics platform is the place to bring the data from all those systems to a single environment designed to ingest, clean, integrate, and store that data for long periods of time.

Data Engineering

Getting your data from where it is to where it needs to be in a format you can use to analyze and report on it

Business Intelligence Services

BI Services deploy processes to integrate, support, and manage the related technology applications and platforms. These include business and infrastructure applications for BI platforms, analytics needs, and data warehousing infrastructure. Solutions include areas such as corporate performance management (CPM) and analytics, in addition to the traditional BI platform, data warehouse/data infrastructure, and data quality areas.

Data Science

Data Science and Data Scientists are extremely valuable for many organizations. Without a mature / maturing data analytics stack, data scientists can spend an inordinate amount of time data wrangling. That is, finding the data, determining what the data means, and cleaning the data before they can even start to do data science.

Data Architecture

Good data architecture is important from multiple perspectives. A picture is worth a 1000 words, and a logical model of the things we are are using in our business and their relationships to each other is critical for communicating with our colleagues, customers, and vendors.

Data Analytics

We have a thorough understanding of how data drives business and cross technical disciplines to deliver the optimum ROI on data assets. We help businesses scale, obtain, and utilize the data they need to be successful.

Big Data / Data Lake

Today more and more data is available to us. If we have a business strategy that incorporates big data, we need an infrastructure that lets us use that big data for competitive advantage. We do the data engineering so your data scientists can focus on the business problem and not wrangling the data.

Cloud Migration

Moving your elastic workloads to the cloud can save money, when done properly! If you are a startup looking to grow your business, the cloud is the place to start. Our experts can help you manage this transition.

Data Warehouse Modernization

The Corporate Data Warehouse is a fundamental mainstay of our corporate IT strategy, which can tend to get stale. The hardware and software you initially implemented may now be ready for upgrading or retirement…