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We leverage “best of breed” vendors and tools to do the undifferentiated heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business.

Data Driven Decisions...

Today it is generally considered a given that data driven decisions are better and more reliable than decisions made without data. This premise is the reason we exist. We help our clients set up their systems to feed the right information at the right time to the right people so they can effectively manage their business.

The Information Evolution…

Data → Information → Knowledge → Wisdom

Growing organizations start with multiple systems to do what needs to be done: Marketing, Sales, Product Delivery, Customer Support, Human Capital Management, and Accounting. At first, each of these systems stands alone. Over time some of them will be interfaced with other related systems. For instance, sales data and web site marketing data are generally looked at together, since it is likely that the Marketing is impacting Sales in a positive way.

Business Clarity...

This generally leads to the classic issue in business management, that each department or system produces a different set of results. This stems from different assumptions, different time frames, different definitions and frequently differing incentives. The Marketing department shows sales are down, while the sales department says sales are up while the shipping department says things are in stead state.


Helping you realize the value in your data. 


Here at Cloud Data Consulting, we have a thorough understanding of how data drives business and cross technical disciplines to deliver the optimum ROI on your data maturity assessments. 

We help businesses scale, obtain, and utilize the data you need to be successful.

Business Strategies Done Right

Our expertise, knowledge of the market, and technologies are optimal for helping you realize the value in your data. 

Anyone can report on the past, but we help you understand your data so that you can take the necessary measures in influencing the future of your business. 


What We Offer





Data Governance & Strategy

Since a companies data, is its lifeblood, forward thinking companies have started to treat their data like the asset that it is. A company that sells diamonds does not leave them lying around. They have processes and procedures for tracking them from receipt through at the least the end of any warrantee period. Like your products you data needs to be inventoried, documented and tracked in order for it to be timely, accurate, useful and reliable. This starts with a data strategy is implemented with data governance.

Data Analytics Platform Implementation

Since a company’s data sets are generally in several if not many systems, a data analytics platform is the place to bring the data from all those systems to a single environment designed to ingest, clean, integrate and store that data for long periods of time.

Data Engineering

Getting your data from where it is to where it needs to be in a format you can use to analyze and report on it.

Business Intelligence Services

BI Services are offerings to design, develop and deploy enterprise processes and to integrate, support and manage the related technology applications and platforms. These include business and infrastructure applications for BI platforms, analytics needs and data warehousing infrastructure. Solutions include areas such as corporate performance management (CPM) and analytics, in addition to the traditional BI platform, data warehouse/data infrastructure and data quality areas.

Data Science

Data Science and Data Scientists are extremely valuable to many organizations. Without a mature or maturing data analytics stack data scientists can spend an inordinate amount of time data wrangling. That is finding the data, determining what the data means and cleaning the data before they can even start to do data science.


Providing the best solutions

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. 


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