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We use a variety of powerful tools to help our clients manage and analyze their data. Our expert team has extensive experience working with some of the most popular data tools available today, including Looker, Snowflake, Matillion, and Fivetran. Here's a closer look at each of these tools and how we use them to help our clients

Spectacles is a powerful continuous integration tool specifically designed for data engineering and analytics projects. It automates the validation and testing of data pipelines, ensuring the reliability and quality of data workflows. With Spectacles , users can define validation rules and tests for their data pipelines, allowing them to catch data anomalies, inconsistencies, and errors early in the development process. The tool integrates seamlessly with popular data platforms and frameworks, enabling users to validate their data pipelines against various data sources and transformations. By incorporating Spectacles  into their data engineering workflows, organizations can achieve faster deployment cycles, improved data quality, and greater confidence in the accuracy and integrity of their data pipelines.

Find SQL errors before your users do

Looker’s built-in validator doesn't check for SQL errors, only LookML syntax errors. Spectacles finds SQL errors by running queries in your database, ensuring your Explores actually work.

Take testing off your to-do list

Spectacles tests your Explores 11x faster than you could. Because Spectacles integrates with your version control system, every pull request is automatically vetted before it hits production.

Prevent database changes from breaking Looker

LookML changes aren't the only culprits—simple changes to columns in your data warehouse can break content without you knowing. See how data warehouse changes will affect Looker before they go live with our dbt Cloud integration.

Write beautiful code with our LookML linter

The Style Validator flags bad LookML practices and code that doesn't match your team's style guide. Speed up code reviews and keep your project tidy and maintainable.

Stop accidentally breaking dashboards

Our improved content validator confirms that changes to LookML won’t wreck the vital dashboards your users depend on.

Validating content in Looker is tedious. Spectacles excludes legacy errors and errors in personal spaces so you can focus on problems that matter.

If you have any questions about Spectacles or would like to learn more about how we can help you implement Spectacles in your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Cloud Data Consulting.

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These tools combined with our expertise, enable us to provide our clients with the most efficient and effective data solutions available. If you're looking to unlock the full potential of your data, Cloud Data Consulting is the partner you can trust.

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