Snowflake Security Framework

With our extensive experience in deploying numerous Snowflake stacks, we possess valuable insights into effective strategies for architecting and managing a Snowflake account. Our Snowflake Security Framework encompasses all the necessary components to enable you to confidently and securely deploy a data warehouse using Snowflake. Leveraging Snowflake's native User, Role, and Grant hierarchy, we have developed a robust feature set that ensures each user or role is granted precisely the privileges they require, eliminating unnecessary access. By seamlessly connecting these users and roles to development and production databases, we establish a clean blast radius, guaranteeing a controlled and secure environment throughout your Snowflake implementation.

dbt Jumpstart: Streamlined dbt Project Setup

At Cloud Data Consulting, we've built numerous dbt projects, understanding the importance of streamlining the development process to save time and effort. That's why we offer our dbt Jumpstart service, featuring an enhanced Style Guide and a dbt code generator. Our Style Guide builds upon dbt-labs' existing resource, enhancing it further to provide a streamlined and valuable tool for our clients. Organizing projects aligning with our recommended division of labor improves efficiency, which we facilitate through our code generator starting with a "Raw" layer mirroring the source system layout and building the staging layer following dbt-labs' pattern. Utilizing our dbt Code Generator, you can iterate quickly on the fundamental base layer, enabling focused development of dimension and fact layers, ensuring a fast, efficient, and reliable project setup.

Matillion Jumpstart

Cloud Data Consulting developed our Matillion AWS deployment to quickly and easily roll out the necessary AWS infrastructure. With Terraform, we simplify the process, offering simple, fast, and configurable deployment options. Our deployment includes setting up VPC for the data warehouse infrastructure, Application Load Balancer (ALB), HTTPS certificate, AWS Hosted zone with DNS Configuration, and EC2 Instance creation with the option for RDS, ensuring high availability for the Matillion Repository. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive Matillion Style Guide and Initial Configuration that covers recommended naming standards, separate snowflake users for each engineer, reusable components for common use cases, GitHub setup with a recommended branching pattern, AWS Secrets Manager access integration, Single Sign-On setup, and a standardized folder layout for optimal project organization.