ELT Tool

Matillion is a cloud native ELT tool that is one of our favorites. It allows us to easily extract and load data from any or many of a large set of native connectors. Native connectors are those already supported by Matillion the list is large and includes things like; Salesforce.com, Xero, most relational databases, youtube, stripe, square, shopify, SAP the list goes on. https://www.matillion.com/technology/integrations/ In addition to extracting and load the data, Matillion also allows us to transform it. It is sold as a pay for what you use model, and to keep down costs for smaller implementations we turn Matillion off when we are not using it. pros: One tool for extract load and transform, less expensive than some tools. More productive in the long run which means lower engineering costs. cons: Somewhat larger learning curve than FiveTran and dbt. Some overhead to setup environment