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Matillion AWS – Terraform: Streamlining Infrastructure Deployment

At Cloud Data Consulting, we have developed an efficient Matillion AWS deployment solution using Terraform. Our goal is to simplify the process of rolling out the necessary AWS infrastructure to seamlessly support the latest Matillion EC2 AMI. With our Matillion AWS Deploy, you can enjoy the benefits of a streamlined deployment experience, enabling simple, fast, and highly configurable options.

Introducing Cloud Data Consulting's Matillion Jumpstart offering, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your data operations and empower your business with the full potential of Matillion. With our expertise in cloud infrastructure and extensive knowledge of Matillion, we provide a range of features to accelerate your data integration and transformation processes. With our use of Terraform as the Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) solution, you can expect a seamless and automated deployment process, saving you time and effort. Cloud Data Consulting's Matillion Jumpstart offering empowers you to harness the full potential of Matillion while ensuring a secure, scalable, and efficient data infrastructure.

Key Components to Ensure a Robust and Scalable Infrastructure For Your Data Warehouse:


VPC for Data Warehouse Infrastructure

We set up a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) tailored to your specific requirements, providing a secure and isolated environment for your data operations.

Application Load Balancer (ALB)

We configure an ALB to efficiently distribute traffic and improve the availability and scalability of your Matillion application.

HTTPS Certificate

We enable secure communication with SSL/TLS encryption by setting up an HTTPS certificate for your Matillion deployment.

AWS Hosted Zone with DNS Configuration:

We establish an AWS Hosted Zone and configure the DNS settings to ensure proper routing and accessibility of your Matillion environment.

EC2 Instance Creation with RDS Option

To ensure high availability, we create EC2 instances with the option for Amazon RDS, providing a reliable repository for your Matillion project.

In addition to the infrastructure setup, we provide a comprehensive Matillion Style Guide and Initial Configuration to ensure consistent and efficient project management. Our style guide covers various aspects, including:

Recommended Naming Standards

We provide a set of naming conventions to enhance clarity and maintain consistency across your Matillion project.

Project Setup with Separate Snowflake Users

We implement a project setup that includes separate Snowflake users for each engineer, facilitating secure and controlled access to your data.

Reusable Components for Common Use Cases

We offer reusable components and patterns that are commonly required in building a data warehouse, saving you time and effort in development.

GitHub Setup with Recommended Branching Pattern:

We assist in setting up GitHub with a recommended branching pattern, enabling efficient collaboration and version control for your Matillion project.

AWS Secrets Manager Integration

We configure seamless access to AWS Secrets Manager from within Matillion, ensuring secure handling of sensitive credentials.

Single Sign-On Integration

We enable Single Sign-On (SSO) to Matillion, streamlining user authentication and enhancing security.

Standard Folder Layout for Project Organization

We establish a standardized folder structure that promotes good project organization, making it easier to navigate and maintain your Matillion project.

We are passionate about Matillion and the flexibility it offers as a low-code no-code tool. We understand that success lies in the details, which is why we have developed a comprehensive style guide and project setup approach to ensure consistency and efficiency across your Matillion projects.

By leveraging our Matillion AWS deployment solution, you can confidently deploy, manage, and optimize your Matillion projects with ease. Contact us today to learn more about how Cloud Data Consulting can empower your data analytics initiatives and streamline your Matillion deployment using Terraform and AWS.


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